New University Drive North to Open Saturday

Office of Communications | November 30, 2017
New University Drive North to Open Saturday

The new University Drive North is scheduled to open on Saturday, December 2. The new roadway will extend from the end of Mt. Vernon Street, past Lot D, to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute and the Massachusetts Archives, ending at the waterfront and intersection with University Drive East.

The existing University Drive North will close between the Campus Center garage and Clark Circle roadways, which will both remain open.  Crews will begin preparing that area for installation of the new Beacons Walkway connecting between the residence hall and the HarborWalk.

The route 2 and 3 shuttle buses will continue to pick up and drop off at the Clark Athletic Center. There will be continued pedestrian access from Lot D and University Drive North to the Clark Athletic Center and Campus Center.

The opening of University Drive North brings the campus closer to the final configuration of the roadway designed in the university’s master plan. The roadway work is expected to be completed in 2018.

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