Pension Action Center Featured in Video about Nationwide Pension Counseling Program

Michele Tolson and Louise Cataldo | June 10, 2013
Pension Action Center Featured in Video about Nationwide Pension Counseling Program

The Pension Action Center, part of the Gerontology Institute at UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, is featured as part of the U.S. Administration on Aging’s Pension Counseling and Information Program's new video. This video showcases the role that the pension counseling projects play in helping older Americans successfully receive the retirement benefits they have earned

The Pension Action Center runs two pension counseling projects, the New England Pension Assistance Project and the Illinois Pension Assistance Project. The center’s managing attorney, Jeanne Medeiros, is featured prominently in the video and is very articulate in describing the importance of the work that the projects do.

“We always feel like, in a way, we’re keeping the pension system honest, because we’re advancing claims for people who actually earned these benefits. It was a condition of their employment. It was something that they and the company agreed to and now, if that benefit isn’t paid, a contract has been broken. A promise has been broken,” Medeiros said.

The New England Pension Assistance Project has been operating for more than nineteen years and is one of six pension counseling projects funded by the U.S. Administration on Aging. The Illinois Pension Assistance Project began serving clients in July 2012, and is funded by a grant from The Retirement Research Foundation. These projects have recovered more than $42 million in retirement benefits for individuals. 

The Pension Rights Center, a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. which coordinates the national pension counseling program, created the video. You can watch it on their YouTube channel.

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