Pile Driving Scheduled for Construction of Connector between Campus Center, GAB No. 1

Office of Communications | August 14, 2014
Rendering showing the connection between the Campus Center and General Academic Building No. 1.

Rendering showing the connection between the Campus Center and General Academic Building No. 1.

Next week crews will install six steel piles to support the foundation of a new ground-level connector between the Campus Center and the future General Academic Building No. 1 (GAB No. 1). The work will begin mid-week and is expected to cause vibrations in the surrounding area. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of August.

Twenty-four steel pile sections, each measuring 50 feet, will be driven into bedrock from the corner of the Campus Center, near the bookstore, to the GAB No. 1 steel structure. A pile will be driven into the sidewalk adjacent to the GAB No. 1 site.  The sidewalk on that side of the Campus Center Circle will be closed, and the road in that area will be narrowed to support a crane for the operation.

The pile driving will typically be conducted between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays. As needed, public safety will be directing traffic near the site, and signs will be posted.

Bus access will be maintained; however, the bus stops will be adjusted to ensure safety. Please remember that vehicles are prohibited from parking at the Campus Center Circle.

By constructing this connector, the university is providing a weatherproof passage between buildings. This work is timed to take place prior to the start of fall semester.

Neighbors and members of the campus community may notice noise, and possibly diesel smoke and odor, during construction. The construction manager will be monitoring noise, smoke, and vibration levels and making every effort to minimize the disturbance.

Please call Customer Service at 617.287.4000 with any questions or concerns.

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