Public Statement of the Human Rights Faculty on the US Travel Ban

Human Rights Faculty of UMass Boston | February 16, 2017
Public Statement of the Human Rights Faculty on the US Travel Ban

The Human Rights Faculty condemns in the strongest terms the Executive Order (EO) that imposed a travel ban to all nationals of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. The Human Rights Minor at UMass Boston emerged from the student-faculty-community collaboration of the Human Rights Working Group, seeking to foster and sustain a human rights community on campus and beyond. Our community comes from different parts of the world, including those covered by this travel ban. Thus, the EO directly affects our mission, threatening the human rights community on campus and the human rights of those we strive to protect beyond our campus. Not only is the humanity of some of the members of our community denied, the explicitly discriminatory language of the EO fuels an ethnic, religious, and racial profiling that seriously threatens their human dignity. Our Faculty remains committed to offer an interdisciplinary program of study open to ALL students from all disciplines, not only regardless of their immigration status but with special awareness of the circumstances, threats and burdens that asymmetrically impact some of our members.

As Human Rights Faculty we feel a special obligation to raise our voices against this ban, which we regard as a violation of the humanity of the most vulnerable members of our community, and to take concrete actions in protecting those community members from the institutionalized violence to which this policy subjects them, by joining in solidarity the different on-campus and off-campus initiatives that are fighting this exclusionary measure. For inquiries regarding this statement, or to communicate with the Human Rights Faculty, please write to

Human Rights Faculty

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