Rebel at Work: Marlo Fogelman

Andrea Wight, Center for Collaborative Leadership | October 20, 2016
Rebel at Work: Marlo Fogelman

The idea behind our wellness series came from a “if I knew then what I know now” moment.

Marlo Fogelman is an alumna from the UMass Boston Emerging Leaders Program class of 2007. She is the force behind marlo marketing - a leading Boston-based integrated marketing communications agency. Her company started as a PR agency in 2004 with one staff member and four core clients. She’s come a long way, ranking number 20 in the Boston Business Journal’s top 25 Largest Public Relations Firms in Massachusetts with a staff of 37, serving 55 clients.

In a business that often perpetuates a churn and burn culture, Marlo goes against the norms and shows us what healthy success can look like. Leaders set examples. Marlo is a hard worker – she wouldn’t be where she is if she wasn’t. The rebel in her appreciates the logic of “enough.” She instituted an alternative health & wellness series covering topics such as sleep, being kind to the environment, and even the zodiac.

“The idea behind our wellness series came from a “if I knew then what I know now” moment, thinking about the stresses of the modern-day workplace and life in general,” Marlo shared. “I wanted to introduce staff to modalities I had learned about later in life, such as qi qong, acupuncture, meditation, etc.; then I thought perhaps there were others who could benefit from this as well, so we opened the series to the public.”

In addition to cultivating a healthy lifestyle for herself, her team, and in some cases, her clients, she pays it forward. When Marlo was accepted into the Emerging Leaders Program back in 2007, she had to fund herself. The program provided partial financial assistance to attend. For the past few years, Marlo has donated to the Pay it Forward fund which allows other entrepreneurs (and nonprofit professionals) who can’t quite cover the full fee to receive assistance. Moreover, she is providing the ELP experience to one of her own senior leadership members, vice president Ariel Gardner. Now that is paying it forward!

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