Roni Lipton Wins Staff Mentoring Award

McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies | July 19, 2012
Roni Lipton Wins Staff Mentoring Award

To say that Roni Lipton goes above and beyond the duties in her job description is an understatement.

As associate director of the Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance, Lipton does much more than recruit and support students.  It is her thoughtful commitment to them that has helped her earn the first staff Award for Outstanding Mentoring issued by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Nominated by graduate students in her program, students praised the genuine kindness and “extra steps” that she takes for students in need.  For example, she would invite international students to her home for Thanksgiving dinner so they would not be alone on the holiday.  Yet, it might have been the story of her support provided to a seriously ill international student that may have clinched the award for her.  The student had to be hospitalized, she waited in the emergency room for words from the doctors while she was in touch with the local embassy to help his parents obtain the visas and flights they needed to come to Boston.

Dean of Graduate Studies Joan Liem made the following remarks at the award ceremony. “Colleagues describe Roni as the first person to whom students turn whether for guidance in course selection, clarification about program expectations and tasks, help with financial difficulties, career guidance, emotional support, or simply how to survive Boston winters.  They also note that she is the first person that faculty turn to for help when attempting to address and resolve all kinds of student issues. They note that Roni knows and has helped every student in the program and has done this so consistently and with such success that people in the department say the answer to every question a student has is “Roni”.”

Acting Dean Connie Chan noted, “This award is an important recognition of Roni Lipton’s tireless dedication to students.  We are most proud that she works at McCormack Graduate School.  Her encouragement, advice, and strong sense of community not only make her the perfect mentor for our graduate students but also serve as a model for all our employees.”

As part of this recognition, Lipton received a plaque and a $1,000 award.

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Posted by Nasir Gord | July 20, 2012 - 3:59 p.m.

Congratulations, Roni. You have been very kind and supportive to all students. You really deserve this award.