School for the Environment Professor Elected ASLO Fellow

Anna Fisher-Pinkert | December 05, 2016
Bob Chen with a student.

Bob Chen with a student.
Image by: Anna Fisher-Pinkert

UMass Boston Professor Bob Chen has been elected as a fellow in the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO).

The ASLO Fellows program honors members of the association whose contributions have advanced the sciences of limnology and oceanography through their contributions to ASLO.

Chen, a professor of organic geochemistry and marine organic chemistry, has taught at UMass Boston since 1993. His recent research focuses on salt marsh ecology, remote sensing of coastal water quality, and indicators of estuary health. He is also a dedicated teacher, and has served as an advisor for nine doctoral and ten master’s students while at UMass Boston. He has been a member of ASLO since 1999.

Chen has spent his career dedicated to the pursuit of scientific truths about the ocean, but his love of the coastal environment goes back to his youth.

“I spent summers netting blue crabs in Barnegat Bay, poking around the tidepools of Hawaii, and chasing grunion on California beaches,” Chen said. “These early experiences led me to enter an aquatic science career, and motivate me to work with my fellow ASLO members to ensure these and similar experiences continue to be possible as the climate changes and global societies evolve.”

Chen says his work with ASLO pushes him to explore new ideas. His colleagues, in turn are inspired by his dedication to advancing the study of oceans and climate change.

“Professor Chen’s tireless advocacy and leadership of ocean science literacy has led to significant shifts in how we educate and engage young people around the critical importance of our ocean,” School for the Environment Dean Robyn Hannigan said. “We are forever grateful to his leadership across research and education and to his constant representation of our mission as a research university with a teaching soul.”

Chen and the other fellows will be honored at ASLO’s biannual meeting in Hawaii next February.

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