Strengthening Global Collaborations: CNHS Hosts Korean Nursing Students Summer Program

College of Nursing and Health Sciences | July 13, 2011
Simulation training at the UMass Boston’s Center for Clinical Education and Research

Associate Professor Haeok Lee recently led the International Korean Nursing Students Summer Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston from July 4-13, 2011.

The program, created in collaboration with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Chosun University, and Chonbuk National University, aims to inform nursing students about cultural diversity, increase their international experience, particularly in clinical settings, and provide knowledge about the U.S. health care system. Furthermore, the program aspires to train students to be more focused on health disparities with relevance to development in Korea, in particular, in the context of the rapid rise in immigrants to Korea.

Visiting nursing students from Korea attended several lectures and panel discussions led by CNHS faculty during their stay and visited partnering institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center. In addition, the Korean nursing students had the opportunity to be involved in four simulations that duplicate hospital and outpatient conditions at the CNHS’ state-of-the-art Center for Clinical Education and Research, which included two medical-surgical and two pediatric scenarios.

Dean Greer Glazer, a major supporter of the program, believes that the International Korean Nursing Students Summer Program is essential in strengthening CNHS’ relationship with both Chosun and Chonbuk University. “This program shows our commitment to global health, international students, and faculty exchange and collaboration. We can all learn much from one another.”

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