Student Spotlight: Dany Hilaire

College of Nursing and Health Sciences | September 28, 2011
Student Spotlight: Dany Hilaire

PhD student Dany Hilaire passed her comprehensive exams on September 7th, 2011. Her methods paper was entitled, "Measuring Acculturation in Immigrants," and her conceptual paper was entitled, "The Role of Acculturation as a Determinant of Cancer Screening in Immigrants.”

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Professor Suzanne Leveille chaired the committee for the methods paper and Assistant Professor Lisa Kennedy Sheldon chaired the committee for the conceptual paper. Assistant Professor Mary Cooley and Professor Laura L. Hayman were reviewers. All members are very pleased with Dany's work and progress toward her doctoral degree and congratulate her on her doctoral candidacy.

In her dissertation, Dany plans on assessing the effects of acculturation on health behaviors including cancer screening. When asked about the significance of her research, Dany commented: "Knowledge of whether acculturation levels play a role in the health behaviors of immigrants can help health care providers target specific groups with appropriate interventions to promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors."

In addition to passing her exams, Dany's paper, "The use of Lay Health Advisors in Promoting Cancer Screening to Reduce Cancer Disparities," was accepted for publication in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. She is currently a research assistant with Assistant Professor Lisa Kennedy Sheldon and a co-investigator on a longitudinal study to assess communication skills of new nursing graduates.

Dany plans to complete her dissertation by 2014.

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