Student Spotlight: Jodie Marcantoni

College of Nursing and Health Sciences | November 28, 2011
Student Spotlight: Jodie Marcantoni

Jodie Marcantoni, MS, FNP-BC, DNP candidate, presented on the progress of her capstone project “Improving the Post-hospital Care Transition for Infectious Diseases Patients: A quality improvement study using Health Literacy guidelines for patient education” at two health care quality and patient safety conferences in the St. Louis area. The conferences provided an opportunity for those involved in improving patient safety and quality to share their work with the broader health care community. The audiences were primarily composed of nurse leaders, quality directors, and hospital educators. Jodie’s capstone focuses on improving education for patients discharged from the hospital on long-term intravenous antibiotics, and utilized health literacy guidelines to support the development of patient education materials. Seeing interdisciplinary quality initiatives in action is an important and helpful reminder of the importance of translating evidence into practice, understanding the steps involved in implementing a process change, and measuring improvement.

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