Theatre Arts Presents ‘Polaroid Stories’

Bill Doncaster | March 03, 2016
Theatre Arts Presents ‘Polaroid Stories’

They are recognizable gods and mortals --portrayed by homeless teenagers, in the midst of the current drug epidemic.

The UMass Boston Performing Arts Department presents Polaroid Stories, by Naomi Iizuka, Theatre Arts' spring production, opening on April 7.  Directed by Associate Professor Carrie Ann Quinn, Iizuka’s drama blends classical mythology and modern-day story telling with the visceral world of teenage runaways.

“They are recognizable gods and mortals dealing with the highs and lows of life, portrayed by homeless teenagers, in the midst of the current drug epidemic," says Quinn. “The cast is fully invested in telling these stories, mining dark and dangerous places to bring the characters and the play to life.”

Quinn says the production reimagines the McCormack Theatre, and the space is being reconfigured with on-stage audience seating and actors utilizing three tiers of scaffolding as its stage. 

Polaroid Stories is remarkable in bringing audiences to the gritty world of youth living on the edge, while thoughtfully connecting them to the epic myths of old,” she said.

Due to the reconfiguration, the number of seats in McCormack is reduced and sell-outs are highly likely. Advance reservations are available here.

Polaroid Stories will run for seven performances in the McCormack Theatre, April 7-9 and April 13-15 at 7:30, with a 2 p.m. matinee on April 9. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.


The cast includes:

D (Dionysus) - Hector Toledo

Eurydice – Caroline Clancy

Persephone (also Semele) – Sabina Lindsey

Orpheus – Jacques Matellus

Philomel – Anastasya Putri

Skinheadgirl (aka neon girl) – Megan Jepsen

Narcissus – Christian Ruiz

Echo – Cassidy Bane

Skinheadboy (aka Oklahoma boy / speedracer) – Matrid Neli

G (aka zeus, hades) – Kervin Germain


The crew includes:

Erin Reilly: Assistant Director

Jaime Silva: Stage Manager

Michael Katz: Technical Director

Anthony R. Phelps: Scenic and Lighting Designer

Rafael Jaen: Costume Designer

Tori Moline: Hair/Makeup Design

Jennifer Elias: Dramaturg

Robert Lublin: Dramaturg Advisor

Joe Sheehan: Props Master

Shannon Doane: Assistant Stage Manager

Ellie Cordero: Assistant Stage Manager

Jamie Biancardi: Costume Design Assistant

Tori Moline: Costume Shop First Hand

Mike Katz, Sound Design

Emily Zhao: Assistant Scenic Designer

Djellounda Dieujuste: Scenic Artist

Adlai Cole: Community Education Coordinator

Briana Sousa: Master Electrician

Torrence Chrisman: Assistant Master Electrician

Briana Sousa: Light Board Operator

Alycia Love: Sound Board Operator

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