UMass Boston Alumna Awarded Outstanding Youth Award

Moriah Roache and Barbara Graceffa, McCormack Graduate School | November 26, 2013
UMass Boston Alumna Awarded Outstanding Youth Award

UMass Boston alumna Rithika Kulathila was awarded the Shrewsbury Democratic Town Committee’s Outstanding Youth Award at its biennial Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Awards dinner on October 25.  She was one of four local activists recognized for their contributions to the community.

Kulathila, a 2013 graduate of the Women in Politics and Public Policy graduate certificate program in the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, was honored for engaging the growing South Asian community in Shrewsbury in the political process.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Eleanor Roosevelt honorees,” said Jason Palitsch, committee chair in Shrewsbury, “These outstanding individuals truly represent the best of our party, and of our community.”  Praising the UMass Boston alumna, he said, “Rithika is a shining example of the kind of young leader we need to see more of in the political sphere.”

Muna Killingback, assistant director of the Women in Politics and Public Policy Program, agrees: “Rithika is a model of women’s empowerment and conviction. She has a passion for social change and her leadership in giving voice to the underserved is evident is all she does.” She noted that Kulathila had also been honored at this year's commencement ceremony for her overall academic achievement in the graduate program.

Kulathila is an academic case manager at Girls CHOICE, a mentoring program at the Central Massachusetts YWCA. 

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