UMass Boston Athletics Renews Commitment to Pine Street Inn

Office of Communications | May 13, 2016
Members of UMass Boston's men's basketball team volunteer at the Pine Street Inn

Members of UMass Boston's men's basketball team volunteer at the Pine Street Inn

Athletics Department Launched Partnership in October 2015

UMass Boston Athletics will once again make a full-year commitment to the Pine Street Inn, one of the largest homeless shelters in Boston, for the 2016-2017 academic year.

In October, UMass Boston Athletics became the first program in the state to make a full-year commitment to the shelter. Over the course of the past year, all 18 teams participated and volunteered at the Pine Street Inn in various capacities.

“Our partnership with the Pine Street Inn this year was a tremendous opportunity for our student athletes,” said Oderra Jones, community outreach and engagement coordinator for the Division of Athletics and Recreation, Special Programs and Projects. “Homelessness is a problem no matter what city you live in. It is important for our student athletes to know about homelessness so they can help make a change.”

Student athletes not only had a chance to help prepare the food, they also learned what it takes to make large meals. Before they started work in the kitchen, teams would take a 25-minute tour of the facility, which helped give them a clearer picture of what the Pine Street Inn was all about.

“Pine Street Inn is very fortunate to have benefited from the dedication of the various UMass Boston Athletics teams this past year,” said Lyndia Downie, president and executive director of the Pine Street Inn. “Team members had great spirit and worked hard, providing critical support with meal production for our shelter guests. We are honored to have had this special partnership with UMass Boston and grateful for the support and service.”

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