UMass Boston Minute: Chemistry at UMass Boston

Anna Pinkert | December 12, 2013
UMass Boston Minute: Chemistry at UMass Boston

Chemistry is literally everything.

Narrator: This is a UMass Boston Minute

Carey: Chemistry is literally everything.

Dexter: This table is made out of atoms. We’re made out of atoms. If you’re more interested in physics, if you’re more interested in biology – there’s chemistry in all of these things.

Narrator: Amanda Carey and Jake Dexter, chemistry majors and leaders of the UMass Boston Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society.

Carey: We were one of 73 schools recognized in the country for being a green chemistry chapter. Last year was our first year as a reactivated chapter. So to get that award in our first year is just crazy.

Dexter: I am from Connecticut, but I decided to come to Boston, UMass Boston in particular because it’s very affordable, there’s a lot of industry here for the sciences, for the life sciences, biochemistry, chemistry-related things. As a chemistry major the biggest thing you can do is go and talk, get to know your professors. What’s really nice is that they don’t lose sight of why they’re here. They’re here to develop the next generation of chemists.

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