UMass Boston Nursing Major Turns Student Success Tool into Scholarship

Colleen Locke | August 04, 2015
Kyla Corvino is studying abroad in Chile.

Kyla Corvino is studying abroad in Chile.
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Take advantage of Mapworks because sometimes you do not know what it is you are struggling in.

Kyla Corvino Learned about Start on Track Offerings After Taking Mapworks Survey

Kyla Corvino wanted to become a midwife in South America. But first she had to get through Anatomy.

The nursing major and Spanish minor came to UMass Boston in the fall after graduating from high school in Milford, Connecticut, and then living as an exchange student in Santiago, Chile for a year.

“I found myself falling behind in Anatomy, which is one of the most important foundational classes a nursing student can take, and I also was feeling a bit worried about whether or not I would have the opportunity to study abroad at all, which is fundamental for becoming more proficient in the language I am so passionate about,” Corvino said.

Fortunately, Corvino completed a Mapworks survey. Mapworks is an online tool offered through the University Advising Center that helps students assess whether they are staying on track toward graduation. It also lets academic advisors know how students are doing so they can connect students to the resources they need to succeed.

In Corvino’s case, an advisor told her about the study groups and tutoring sessions that were available. She also learned about UMass Boston’s Office of Global Programs, and this summer, she’s studying abroad in Santiago, Chile, taking part in clinical observations and becoming familiar with the Chilean health care system.

Corvino wrote an essay about her experience and won a $500 scholarship from Mapworks – money she’s going to put toward tuition. She’s the first UMass Boston student to win such an award.

“I would definitely advise students to take advantage of Mapworks because sometimes you do not know what it is you are struggling in—even when you think you do—and often times the information you type into Mapworks allows different organizations that you are interested in to get in contact with you to help to achieve a fulfilling and unique college experience,” Corvino said.

The Mapworks assessment is available to all undergraduate UMass Boston students during a three-week period each semester. Take it during a campus event or online at between October 5 and 23, 2015 and February 22 and March 11, 2016.

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