UMass Boston Offers New Community Development Major

Colleen Locke | March 20, 2014
UMass Boston Offers New Community Development Major

Community Development BA Offered Through College of Public and Community Service

Students can now major in community development in the University of Massachusetts Boston’s College of Public and Community Service (CPCS). The Board of Higher Education approved the undergraduate major in late January.

“It was important to create a major to meet the community development demands of the 21st century that prepares students to promote and facilitate community empowerment,” said Anna Madison, interim dean of the College of Public and Community Service.

Madison says UMass Boston community development students will graduate with the technical expertise and interpersonal skills needed to work with local residents to develop and maintain safe, healthy, and sustainable communities. The major prepares students for careers as project managers, property managers, educators, and health specialists, or for graduate study in community development and planning.

Right now, students can take courses in one of two concentrations: community health or economic development. Other concentrations will be added later. To see the required courses or download the fact sheet, visit the CPCS website. To apply, visit For questions, email or call 617.287.7175.

About the College of Public and Community Service
The University of Massachusetts Boston’s College of Public and Community Service provides opportunities for professional development in the human services, gerontology, community studies, and labor studies fields. Opportunities include careers as labor leaders, advocates for the elderly, and human services providers. The college provides a learning community to prepare students to actively engage with individuals and communities to achieve social and economic justice. It forges partnerships with public agencies, community organizations, and labor organizations to build healthy, safe, sustainable communities; remove obstacles to achieve a fair and democratic society; and challenge the status quo. To learn more about CPCS, visit

About UMass Boston
Recognized for its innovative research addressing complex issues, the University of Massachusetts Boston, metropolitan Boston’s only public university, offers its diverse student population both an intimate learning environment and the rich experience of a great American city. UMass Boston’s 11 colleges and graduate schools serve 16,000 students while engaging local, national, and international constituents through academic programs, research centers, and public service activities. To learn more about UMass Boston, visit

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