Undergraduates Collaborate with Peers in Scotland

Anna Pinkert | May 15, 2014
Dean Andrew Grosovsky with first year students at the VDC.

Dean Andrew Grosovsky with first year students at the VDC.
Image by: Anna Pinkert

On Monday night, a special poster session at the Venture Development Center marked the end of this semester’s academic exchange with Glasgow Caledonian University. The exchange program, now in its third year, is an opportunity for first-year students in STEM majors to gain important international experience. This year, the exchange involved nearly 80 students in the College of Science and Mathematics at UMass Boston. Some students traveled to Scotland, others supported their peers while abroad, and still others helped to host visiting Scottish students.

On Monday night, more than 40 students in the pre-med, engineering, and computer science Freshman Success Communities presented their research. Students on pre-med tracks presented research on infections that jump from animals to humans (like swine flu), and the dire implications of those viruses mutating even further. Students majoring in computer science presented their Wi-Fi-enabled car, which they were able to drive at GCU while sitting in a lab here in Boston. While the Scottish students were unable to attend in person, their advisor Julie Rattray, Senior Lecturer at GCU, brought student-created posters to the event.

All the freshmen involved in the exchange said they were proud of their international collaborations. Dean Andrew Grosovsky says that this exchange stands out because all the students involved are new freshmen, just getting started in their science careers. “It’s also reciprocal,” he said, “the students from Glasgow come here, and we send our students there.”

Julie Rattray said that she was excited to see the culmination of the students’ work.  “It’s great to see everyone so involved,” she said. 

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