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Office of Communications | June 02, 2017
Crews have been busy planting trees, preparing for the June 5 opening of University Drive South along Savin Hill Cove.

Crews have been busy planting trees, preparing for the June 5 opening of University Drive South along Savin Hill Cove.
Image by: Harry Brett

On Monday, June 5, the drive onto campus from Morrissey Boulevard will once again bring sweeping harbor views as well as new sidewalks, tree lawns, and improved lighting for all to enjoy.

University Drive South, the roadway that travels from Morrissey and Bianculli boulevards around campus by the water, is opening to two-way traffic. The changes will also create easy access the new and improved Fox Point Dock.

Check out this map and read below for more details on how these changes will affect drivers, bus passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

As University Drive South reopens, University Drive West—the section of road between the loading docks of the Service and Supply Building, next to Quinn, and the new garage construction site—is closing for continuing Utility Corridor and Roadway Relocation project work.

Crews will continue to work on Bianculli Boulevard, off Morrissey Boulevard, and will finish utility and landscaping work on University Drive South and at the Mt. Vernon Street intersection. 

Changes for Drivers

All students, faculty, and staff who drive to campus are encouraged to park at the Bayside Lot, as campus lots fill by 9 a.m.  When arriving from the south, pass the Morrissey entrance to campus and continue to Mt. Vernon Street on your right.

Drivers entering campus from Morrissey Boulevard will no longer be able to go directly to the Clark Athletic Center and Lot D. University Drive West will be closed to the public, starting at the Integrated Sciences Complex. A temporary haul road will be available for trucks accessing the Central Receiving Dock and for emergency/construction vehicles. 

When drivers enter from Morrissey Boulevard, they will proceed to the right, passing the Integrated Sciences Complex, along Savin Hill Cove to access parking lots and campus facilities. A dedicated pick-up/drop-off area at the Integrated Sciences Complex will offer a quick, convenient, in-and-out location. Drivers will not be able to pick up or drop off passengers in front of the Campus Center due to construction work in front of the building.

A new section of University Drive East in front of the Campus Center will be open for through traffic, but cars and buses won’t be able to stop there. Public Safety officers will be on duty to assist in the transition to the new traffic pattern. 

Changes for Bus Passengers

The shuttle bus routes and stops are also changing for the summer on Monday. Due to pavement demolition and other construction work, the Campus Center shuttle bus stop will be temporarily relocated to an area near Wheatley Hall, just south of the Campus Center. Rather than taking Mt. Vernon Street, Route 1 bus drivers will go from the JFK/UMass station to campus via Morrissey Boulevard. The Route 3 bus to and from the Bayside Parking Lot will also stop at this new, temporary location. A walkway will lead passengers to the exterior stairs to access all campus buildings. Wheelchair access to the Campus Center is available at the ground-level doorway near Admissions.   

The Route 2 bus will no longer stop at or near the Campus Center. Both Route 2 and 3 buses will continue to stop at the Clark Athletic Center circle.

Use the UMass Boston app to track shuttle buses in real time from your mobile device.

The MBTA bus stop will relocate to University Drive South between Wheatley and McCormack halls. Passengers will access a ramp in this area and enter the elevators at the rear of the building (Elevators 3 and 4 by Snowden Auditorium) and take the elevator to the Upper Level. Passengers can also use the rear stairwell (Stairwell 5) and exit at the Upper Level.

Changes for Pedestrians

There will be no pedestrian access in front of the Campus Center. The U.S. Post Office box and the FedEx boxes will be moved to the north entrance that leads to the garage and loading dock near the Atrium Café.

Three pedestrian access paths to and from the HarborWalk will be available via a new sidewalk that runs from Fox Point Dock to the waterfront side of the Integrated Sciences Complex.

The pedestrian path between Clark and Mt. Vernon Street will shift toward the softball field to allow for utility work in that area. Access to Boston College High School is from the HarborWalk.

Changes for Cyclists

Bike paths will be installed as additional sections of the roadway open in the next year. A covered bike rack area is in the process of being assembled near Wheatley Hall, and many other bike racks will be installed. This month the Hubway bike-share station will be reinstalled on the campus side of the Integrated Sciences Complex.

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