Utility Work Resumes at Integrated Sciences Complex

Office of Communications | April 20, 2012
Utility Work Resumes at Integrated Sciences Complex

Utility work will resume outside the Integrated Sciences Complex (ISC) construction site on Monday, April 23, near the Service and Supply parking lot and the loading dock areas. For approximately six weeks, excavation equipment will dig trenches and move earth for the installation of sewer and storm drainage piping and structures for the new building.

At times traffic on the service roadway to the lot and the loading dock will be rerouted. Also several scrub pine trees in the medians will be removed.  An extensive landscaping plan calls for future new and replacement trees.

The steel for a pedestrian bridge leading to the ISC was installed today. Also today, the sixth floor concrete slab was poured on the east wing.  Concrete placements will continue, and preparations for drywall and fireproofing are underway.

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