Fall 2017 Biology Seminar Series: Brian Cheng

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Event Date: November 17, 2017 - 3 p.m.
Location: Integrated Sciences Complex, 3rd Floor, Room 3300

Biology Professor Jarrett Byrnes is bringing in guest speaker Brian Cheng from UMass Amherst. His talk is titled "Climate Change, Invasion, and Species Interactions in Marine Ecosystems." His discussion abstract is as follows:

"Humans have radically altered the planet by modifying the atmosphere, overfishing marine species, and homogenizing the world’s biota through global transport. What are the consequences of such actions and what does the future hold for marine communities?

Here I highlight research in my lab that addresses the intersection of climate change, overfishing, species interactions, and biological invasions in coastal marine systems. I will discuss the consequences of climate driven extreme events (atmospheric rivers and extreme rainfall) and their role in driving a mass mortality of wild oysters in California, a species of restoration and conservation focus. I will also explore the interaction between warming and the organismal physiology of invasive predators and their native prey. Our research has demonstrated that warming will likely enhance consumption rates of predators despite benefits for the prey species, which is corroborated by field measurements. I will then discuss our efforts to measure predation intensity across biogeographic scales using empirical and synthetic approaches. Our models indicate greatly increased predation risk within marine protected areas, which has implications for fisheries management. This work is also relevant to long standing fundamental questions in ecology, such as the origin and maintenance of the latitudinal diversity gradient. I will finish by touching upon our future research interests in the Gulf of Maine."

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