Fall 2017 Biology Seminar Series: Jeff Podos

Animal in grass
Event Date: September 22, 2017 - 3 p.m.
Event Type: Student Event
Location: Integrated Sciences Complex, 3rd Floor, Room 3300

Biology Professor Luis De Leon will be bringing in guest speaker Jeff Podos from UMass Amherst. His talk title is "Take it to the Limit: Sexual Selection and Ecological Speciation."

His abstract is as follows: 

"Sexual selection, Darwin’s second most famous theory of evolution, aims to explain the evolution of male sexual traits. In the last decade or so, empirical research on sexual selection has been shifting away from a focus on static ornaments, and towards a focus on dynamic mating displays and rituals. A useful emerging paradigm in such studies is that of mechanical performance, for which it is posited that males who can best “take it to the limit” in their display mechanics are preferred by females and thus favored in evolution. In this seminar, I will present research from my laboratory and collaborators concerning vocal display performance and its consequences in songbirds. A first set of examples will be drawn from research on New England sparrows and warblers, focusing on the social contexts and perception of vocal performance variations. A second set of examples will address research on Galapagos finches, focusing on morphological and diet correlates of vocal variation, and their potential relevance for ecological speciation."

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