Hendrik Wagenaar: “Understanding Prostitution Policy”

Event Date: October 03, 2011 - 5 p.m.
Location: Healey Library, 10th Floor, Collins Center Conference Room

Understanding Prostitution Policy: Morality, Numbers, and Contestation
By Prof. Hendrik Wagenaar, Leiden University

Prof. Wagenaar is the research director of the Centre of Governance Studies, the Hague Campus, and Associate Professor of Public Administration at Leiden University. He will report on a three country comparative study of prostitution policy. The study combines a most similar and most different systems design, in which Austria and The Netherlands both follow regulatory policy regimes and Sweden an abolitionist one. 

He will discuss some of the major findings and experiences with doing research on prostitution policy. He will pay particular attention to the question of how to conceptualize prostitution policy. His conclusion is that prostitution policy must be seen as a form of moral policy. He will then discuss some of the implications of this, such as the numbers game and the centrality in policy making of highly contested concepts, such as coercion, trafficking, and the very designation of what constitutes prostitution.

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