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New Voices, New Stories: A Celebration of Student Playwrights

New Voices, New Stories Logo
Event Date: October 05, 2016 - 7:30 p.m.
Event Type: Open to public
Location: University Hall, 1st Floor, University Hall Theatre
Event Cost: Free

The UMass Boston Performing Arts Department presents...

New Voices, New Stories
A celebration of UMass Boston student playwrights
Directed by Robert Lublin
Dramaturgy by Ginger Lazarus
Stage Manager -- Jacky Matellus

This is the first public event in the NEW Theatre in University Hall. Our 2016 plays, playwrights and casts are as follows:

A Play With a Main Character Who Does Things in Places
by Katey Pestilli, Social Psychology ’18 

JT doesn’t want to be the main character of this play. 
But, it appears the author has other plans.
JT -- Marquies Perez
Popular Girl -- Caroline Clancy
Suspicious Boy -- Jeff Kasuba
Nerdy Girl -- Anastasya Putri
Author -- Sabina Lindsey
School Bully -- Guillermo Aguilluz
Narrator -- Taejasvi Narayan

Paragraph 175
by Pat McCarthy, Theatre Arts ’17
Two men discuss life and love in a place lacking both: 
a Nazi concentration camp.
Johann -- Josh Robinson
Rudi -- Christian Ruiz
Narrator -- Catherine Newell

Snowed In
by Allister Quilon, Undeclared ’18
A couple gets snowed in while taking a technology detox at a cabin and discovers issues they didn’t know they had.
Annie -- Hannah Drummey
Max -- Hector Toledo
Radioman -- Jen Elias
Narrator-- Caroline Clancy

The Wall
by Carol LaDuke, Political Science ’17
A widow makes her annual pilgrimage to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, pouring out her feelings to her “missing in action” late husband, not realizing his spirit can hear her every word.
Jean -- Stanzi Potenza
Joe -- Christopher Joazard
Narrator -- Anastasya Putri

Through the Window
by C.A. Hughes, Information Technology ’17

In the quiet of the night, two men face off in a mortal standoff as they reel from the loss of someone they loved, their inability to save her, and their guilt in her death.

Donovan -- Patrick McCarthy
Ed -- Hector Toledo
Narrator -- Paige Austin

Who’s on Top?
by Matthew McDade, English ’16, Secondary Education ’18

At a late-night high school party, longtime friends Cole and Hud debate the true nature of their relationship.
Cole -- Christian Ruiz
Hud -- Marquies Perez
Narrator - Guillermo Aguillez

For disability-related accommodations, including dietary accommodations, please visit two weeks prior to the event.