Society of Physics Students (SPS) Talk: “Pressure Automation”

Event Date: November 14, 2017 - 12 p.m.
Location: Integrated Sciences Complex, 1st Floor, Room 1200

Join the Society of Physics Students for the next meeting of the semester! There are bi-weekly talks and events with different interesting topics on physics, off-campus events, and scholarships.

Presenter: Valentino Palmieri, Physics major

"A linear particle accelerator is a specific type of machine that accelerates subatomic particles and ions to a high kinetic energy with the use of oscillating electric potentials. If the pressure inside the pipes of the accelerator is not carefully monitored, then the difference in pressure between sections can cause a great amount of damage.

During my internship in Italy, I helped find a new solution to vacuum control of a particle accelerator. By using a microprocessor board such as Arduino Yun, it was possible to construct a low-cost safety mechanism."

Pizza will be served!

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