Sociology Colloquium Series

Event Date: April 25, 2013 - 3 p.m.
Location: Healey Library, 11th Floor, Room 11A

Jim Sidanius, PhD in Psychology, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Harvard University, Departments of Psychology and African and African American Studies
Presentation Title: "Under Color of Authority: Terror, Intergroup Violence and the Law: A Social Dominance Perspective"

ABSTRACT: While the criminal justice and legal systems of all modern societies are, in part, dedicated to the maintenance of “law and order," I shall argue that another important and ubiquitous function of these social institutions is the maintenance of group-based, hierarchical order. One of the mechanisms for achieving this group-based hierarchical structure is in the allocation of individuals with appropriate personality and attitudinal predispositions to social and institutional roles with matching hierarchy-enhancing and hierarchy-attenuating social functions.

For disability-related accommodations, including dietary accommodations, please visit two weeks prior to the event.