Sports in the 21st Century Panel

Event Poster
Event Date: February 04, 2014 - 4 p.m.
Event Type: Open to public
Location: Campus Center, 2nd Floor, Alumni Lounge
Event Cost: Free

The sports world is seeing an expansion from traditional jobs into new emerging professions that intersect with all reaches of academia, while the well-known gigs in sports are seeing an evolution of their own. Come see what the present and future holds when it comes to working in sports, from media to marketing to analytics to medicine. Panel will include Leah Hextall from NESN and Andrew Clark ’09, author of The Layman’s Guide to Picking the Madness in March.

Sponsored by SAEC and the Honors College

For disability-related accommodations, including dietary accommodations, please visit two weeks prior to the event.

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