Collaborative Leadership in Action: A Public Symposium

photos of some of the panel presenters - Kristin O'Malley, Luis da Costa, Ben Levy and Andy Lam - with name of event: Collaboration in Actio
Event Date: May 22, 2018 - 8:30 a.m.
Event Type: Open to public
Location: Boston Public Library
Event Cost: Free and open to the public

Effective leaders must be prepared to deal with a climate of ambiguity, constant change, and limited resources. How does the Center for Collaborative Leadership prepare rising leaders -- from some of the major organizations in Massachusetts -- for these challenges? Find out on May 22nd. Join us for an interactive public forum to learn about how the challenges that arise from working in diverse, cross-sector teams can become an important and effective way to harness the type of collaborative leadership skills needed for today.

This public forum will be presented by fellows in the Center for Collaborative Leadership's Emerging Leaders Program who worked with various local organizations for 9 months to help them address their issues.

They will cover topics such as: 

  • Operating with limited resources
  • Managing ambiguity
  • Working comfortably with diverse participants
  • Working in areas outside your expertise
  • Collaborating with multiple stakeholders, and
  • Reflecting on your personal leadership style and experience

Our presenters and team project sponsors include: 

Vetto Casado of Small Can Be BigPresenter: Vetto Casado, Small Can Be Big
Team Project: Provide a feasibility study, a marketing campaign for Righting History, Righting Ourselves, and a development plan for the Trotter Institute at UMass Boston. 


Noel Chambers of EversourcePresenter: Noel Chambers, Eversource
Team Project: Develop recommendations regarding internal communications and any interdependent challenges for the Boston Public Library.


Josh Gilliam of Suffolk ConstructionPresenter: Josh Gilliam, Suffolk Construction
Team Project: Develop a fact-based, well-sourced briefing on five key public policy areas – education, energy, health care, transportation and taxation for the Massachusetts Business Roundtable. 

Kate McEneaneyPresenter: Kate McEneaney
Team Project: Identify institutional partners for the UMass Boston Office of Community Partnerships that are essential to their urban mission and identity. 


Kerry McOsker of the Federal Reserve Bank of BostonPresenter: Kerry McOsker, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Team Project: Build on the work of the previous ELP team by adding to a Stop Handgun Violence tool kit which will be used by advocates and organizations in other states.


Patrick Nihan of EversourcePresenter: Patrick Nihan, Eversource
Team Project: Research best practices in mentorship programs and provide the Center for Collaborative Leadership recommendations as to how best to proceed in implementing a mentorship program. 


Steve Spillane of Blue Cross Blue Shield of MassachusettsPresenter: Steve Spillane, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts 
Team Project: Work with the Massasoit Community College to develop an environmental scan for the College’s Strategic Planning Process, which will help chart a path into the future--all in service to student success.

For disability-related accommodations, including dietary accommodations, please visit two weeks prior to the event.