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  • Foxboro to hire headhunter to help find new manager
    The Sun-Chronicle, August 21 2013
    The Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management at UMass Boston will meet with the Foxboro select board next month to discuss hiring a new town manager.
  • A new biomarker for chronic stress: Hair Cortisol
    Medical News Today, August 20 2013
    Researchers at UMass Boston have discovered a new way to measure a person’s stress levels—by testing their hair for the presence of cortisol, a hormone that is produced in greater quantities during periods of chronic stress.
  • Not Too Big to Jail: Why Eliot Spitzer Is Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare
    August 20 2013
    Outlet: Global Research

    Before Eliot Spitzer's infamous resignation as governor of New York in March 2008, he was one of our fiercest champions against Wall Street corruption, in a state that had some of the toughest legislation for controlling the banks. It may not be a
  • Top of Our List | First Focus
    August 19 2013
    Outlet: Big Education APE

    Top of Our List | First Focus: The Minimum Wage: A Children's Issue August 19, 2013 by Kevin Curran, First Focus As the American economy continues to recover, there are many proposed changes that are supposed to better the nation. One re
  • UMass ranks high for monetizing research
    Providence Business News, August 19 2013
    The UMass system ranks 11th nationwide in revenue generated for each $1 spent on research, according to a new analysis by the Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Mayor’s race lacks slogans with snap
    Boston Globe, August 19 2013
    Political Science Department Chairman Paul Watanabe says campaign slogans are unlikely to be a decisive factor in the Boston mayoral race, and notes that none of the 11 candidates have yet produced an indelible tagline that stands out from the competition.
  • A mayor of color
    Boston Globe, August 18 2013
    Opinion page contributor Kenneth J. Cooper talked to Political Science Department Chairman Paul Watanabe, who says white voters in Boston appear ready to elect a black mayor, based on their previous support for black politicians Barack Obama, Deval Patrick, and Ayanna Pressley.
  • Keep focus on total debt as student loan rates drop
    August 18 2013
    Outlet: Sun Sentinel

    Thanks to a new law passed this month, the cost of borrowing has gotten cheaper for millions of students heading to college this fall. But some worry the savings won't last long. Yvonne Decelis-Nicholls, 44, who is studying part time for a master
  • Public forum to address police policies
    August 17 2013
    Outlet: Cape Cod Times - Online

    PROVINCETOWN — A public forum on the role and provision of police services will be conducted as part of the Board of Selectmen's strategy to answer questions that have arisen in recent months. The forum, scheduled for 6 p.m. Sept. 19 in Town Hall, is
  • A Forgotten Quartet, Reissued And Reevaluated
    WUNC-FM, August 15 2013
    Professor of English Lloyd Schwartz, who won the Pulitzer Prize for music criticism, offers this appraisal of the 1940s-era Stuyvesant Quartet, whose profile may rise thanks to a reissue of some of their finest work.
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