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  • Critique of student activism takes a shot at academia itself
    The Boston Globe, November 16 2015
    Associate Professor of American Studies Aaron Lecklider says Globe columnist Dante Ramos is off base in his critique of the "uncompromising" attitude of new student activists.
  • Doc Talk: Justice, Demonism, and ‘Toto’ Too
    The Boston Globe, November 14 2015
    The UMass Boston Film Series will host a free screening Thursday of the acclaimed documentary "Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light)," which examines Cuba from the perspective of blind residents of Havana.
  • In Chelsea and Beyond, Latino Politicians Take Center Stage
    The Boston Globe, November 13 2015
    Ann Bookman, director of the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy at McCormack Graduate School, applauds the recent wave of Latinos elected to office in Massachusetts, saying "genuine public policy debate" is possible when the makeup of the government reflects its people.
  • Immigration: A Hard Line in Politics, But an Applause Line on Broadway
    New York Times, November 13 2015
    Professor of American Studies Rachel Rubin says although audiences have recently been cheering portrayals of the immigrant experience in America, "It’s hard to imagine a successful Broadway musical about undocumented farmworkers."
  • Will Missouri Moment Lead to Toppling of More US College Presidents?
    Christian Science Monitor, November 13 2015
    Jay Dee, director of the doctoral program in higher education, says student activism aimed at improving race relations will only work if campuses “bring issues of race, power, and privilege more to the center of how we think about the purpose of higher education.”
  • New UMass prez: Affordable degree possible
    Boston Herald, November 13 2015
    “We are always focused on affordability, but working with the governor and the legislature, with UMassOnline and our community college partners, we are committed to providing ... a path to a $30,000 to $35,000 UMass degree,” President Marty Meehan said at his inauguration Thursday.
  • Professor of peace speaks on need for Israel-Palestine connection
    The Boston Globe, November 13 2015
    Padraig O'Malley, the John Joseph Moakley Professor of Peace and Reconciliation in the McCormack Graduate School, will talk about his new book, The Two-State Delusion, at the Cohasset library’s Sunday Author Talk series.
  • Mendon: Special Town Meeting Tuesday
    Milford Daily News, November 12 2015
    Mendon will hold a special Town Meeting on Tuesday to discuss pay hikes for town employees after an evaluation by the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management found the town's salaries were not competitive with other municipalities.
  • It’s Not Easy Being a Green Chemist
    In These Times, November 12 2015
    Profile on John Warner, a former UMass Boston professor who is considered one of the fathers of green chemistry.
  • Small Changes Can Boost Heart Health—But Doctors Don’t Believe Their Patients Will Make the Effort
    Yahoo!, November 12 2015
    Professor of Exercise and Health Sciences Richard Fleming says doctors often assume it's too difficult for patients to make major lifestyle changes, but recent research suggests it may be possible.
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