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Videos are an important component of telling the UMass Boston story, and like other materials that tell our stories–brochures, handbooks, web pages, etc.–they need to adhere to university brand standards and be consistent in style, tone, and message.

Video Process

See the Video Production Guide for some things to think about as you begin the video production process.

Approval Process

All videos embedded on pages must be approved by the Office of Communications. You can email your files to or put them on a DVD and bring them to the 3rd Floor of the Quinn Administration Building. Once the videos are cleared for posting, the office will contact A/V Services and the center staff will upload your file into the Brightcove Player. Be aware that your office/college/department/center will be responsible for captioning costs. See: ADA Compliancy and ADA Compliancy Procedures.

All videos that are on the UMass Boston YouTube channel must be approved by Senior Web Designer Lisa Link.


All videos embedded on pages must use the Brightcove Player, the video system for all UMass campuses.

Please contact A/V Services if you have a video which has been produced for you which you would like to be embedded on the site so the A/V Services staff can put it through the Brightcove player.

YouTube videos should be linked to the site, using the Media Gallery feature, not embedded on the site. Contact the Office of Communications if you need help using the Media Gallery feature.

ADA Compliancy

All videos embedded on must be ADA compliant. Therefore, all videos that appear on the UMass Boston website must be captioned. Any video embedded on which is not captioned as of December 1, 2011, will be removed from the site.

ADA Compliancy Procedures

UMass Boston has partnered with Automated Sync Technologies (AST) to provide captioning services for videos. The office/department/center in charge of the video needs to pay for this service. Contact John Jessoe in A/V Services for pricing.

You do not need to provide a transcript, but you may need to give A/V Services a list of names or terms that would not show up in a standard spell check by AST.

Videos posted on YouTube, which are linked to from the university’s website, do not have to be captioned but should be whenever possible.


Title Page

Videos of university events should feature a title page, featuring the sail motif and the date of the event. This template is available upon request. Contact the Office of Communications. A marketing/promotional video should include a title page appropriate for its audience and subject matter. It should include at the very least, a title, the university’s name, and our logo. See: Identifiers: Logo.

Copyright Page (Closing Graphic)

All university videos should also use a copyright page. A/V Services currently has its own template.

All other videos (not produced by A/V Services) should use the closing image below. The image is available in a format suitable for HD videos upon request. (The image below is sized to fit the dimensions of our website.) Contact the Office of Communications.


Photo of the campus with the university's web address at the bottom



If a lower third (aka super/chyron) is desired to identify University of Massachusetts Boston personnel, you need to make sure you are using the updated university logo which is available for download.


For lower thirds, you should use Arial Bold on the lines 1 and 2 and Arial Regular on line 3 (if applicable.) Templates are available upon request. Contact the Office of Communications.


Videos on pages

Contact the Office of Communications

Videos on the UMass Boston YouTube channel

Contact Lisa Link

Last Updated: July 12, 2012