UMass Boston



The Department of Exercise and Health Sciences is conducting research from the cellular to population-based, policy studies across the developmental spectrum. Using an interdisciplinary approach, our researchers are investigating aspects of physical activity, energy balance and metabolic syndrome, in lab, clinical, community and translational studies. Several researchers are also working with diverse, health disparity populations. Students are encouraged to work with individual faculty on their projects.

Current Research Interests

1. Exercise Physiology

  • Interaction of diet and exercise on cardiovascular function.
  • Effects of age, race, and exercise training on neurovascular responses to exercise.
  • Skeletal muscle metabolism in relation to obesity, diabetes, cancer and exercise.
  • Body composition assessment and exercise interventions throughout the lifespan.
  • Effects of mind-body exercise on physical and cognitive functions.

2. Physical Activity and Health Promotion

  • Designing health behavior interventions.
  • Digital health interventions for diet and physical activity.
  • Physical activity promotion in children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Interventions to increase physical activity and prevent obesity among Latinos.
  • Fitness assessment and exercise program design for special populations

3. Public Health and Epidemiology

  • Influence of the environmental determinants on physical activity.
  • Cardiovascular and infectious diseases epidemiology.
  • Child health and nutrition, childhood obesity prevention in community-based research.