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Center for Clinical Education & Research

Center for Clinical Education & Research

Welcome to the Center for Clinical Education and Research!

Nursing and exercise health science are complex programs of study that include rigorous courses, coupled with clinically challenging practicums and internships.  The staff of the CCER are dedicated to promoting student engagement and maximizing potential as students prepare to transition into practice.

The center houses the Nursing Lab, Exercise & Health Science Lab, Simulation Suite, examination rooms and a computer lab.  In addition to the resources available at Healey Library, the CCER offers the opportunity for students to gain access to popular textbooks and study guides that are available for borrowing.

The CCER serves students through individualized academic and social support.  A close partnership between our staff and Student Services has proven beneficial to students committed to their success in the nursing program.  When connected with appropriate resources, students learn effective academic habits and experience a high rate of success.

SimCycle in the CCER


The Center for Clinical Education and Research (CCER) has created a recycling program, SimCycle, to address the issue of waste by decreasing single-use plastic waste. Clear bins with the SimCycle logo are dispersed throughout the skills labs, outpatient exam rooms, and the simulation suite to collect items for repurposing. Students dispose of intravenous tubing, fluid bags, and indwelling catheter kits after practicing their skills on task trainers. Under the direction of the lab manager, a team of work-study students, graduate teaching assistants, and simulation educators developed a cleaning and repackaging process that does not sacrifice the integrity of the product for additional practice.

SimCycle enhances student awareness of single-use plastics in health care and their impact on the environment. The program has demonstrated $11,035 in financial savings since its inception in March 2021. Collaboration between students and CCER staff has created a sustainable environment that enriches the educational culture in the nursing simulation lab.