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Women in Search of Empowerment (WiSE)

The WISE Study is a University of Massachusetts Boston research study about smoking cessation in women living with HIV. You can participate in this research without leaving your house. If you are eligible for and participate in this research study, you can earn up to $200.
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Women between 18 or 65 years old who have been diagnosed with HIV infection, smoke daily, and use a smartphone may be qualified to participate.

How It Works

As part of the study, you will receive individualized smoking cessation counseling sessions plus cessation aids (nicotine patches and gums).

The cessation counseling will be provided once per week for 8 weeks and cessation medications for 8 weeks.

Study Goals

The goal of the WISE Study is to examine whether watching videos of women living with HIV who talk about their success stories of quitting smoking will help women living with HIV quit smoking and sustain abstinence.

Study Funding

The WiSE Study began in September 2017 with a grant from the University of Massachusetts Boston and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center U54 Partnership.

Additional Information

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