Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Mission and Diversity Strategic Plan

Managing diversity is more than simply acknowledging differences in people. It involves recognizing the value of differences, and promoting inclusiveness… (Devoe, 1999).

Mission Statement

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is charged with strengthening the university tradition of diversity by developing and implementing a strategic and integrated approach to advancing a university-wide climate that respects, values, and supports the academic, social, and personal development of diverse faculty, staff, and students.

2012 Diversity Strategic Plan [1]

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Conduct an assessment of diversity needs.
  • Create a clear, quantifiable, and achievable diversity and inclusion strategy and infuse it into the academic environment – making diversity a university-wide responsibility, ensuring commitment at every level of the organization.
  • Communicate the diversity strategy throughout the university ensuring that all employees and students understand the strategy and its benefits.
  • Create campus-wide Diversity Dialogue Series
  • Summer pilot Train the Trainers for students
    • Facilitate Diversity Dialogue sessions

Affirmative Action

  • Internal Dissemination of the University’s Affirmative Action Plan, EEO, and Anti-Discrimination Policies

  1. Distribute annually AA plan copies to the chancellor, senior officers, department chairs, and program directors.
  2. Develop and deliver AA training.
  3. Implement annual university-wide communication (broadcast to UMass Boston) of the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Statement on Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.
  • External Dissemination of AA Commitment

  1. Ensure continued commitment to affirmative action and diversity through print and electronic media.
  2. Include messaging of individuals with disabilities and veterans in advertisements and publications.
  3. Revise affirmative action\diversity website to include revised diversity, affirmative action, equal opportunity statements.
  4. Review and revise where appropriate the university’s reasonable accommodation process for faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the campus.
  5. Position affirmative action website as a standalone with increased diversity-related messaging.
  • Hiring Process

  1. Ensure search committee diversity.
  2. Ensure outreach strategy is submitted by hiring manager/search committee to Office of Diversity and Inclusion prior to position posting.
  3. Monitor candidate pool for diversity prior to selection of applicants for interview.
  4. Monitor for diversity in the final selection process e.g., finalist pool.
  5. Develop process for evaluating effectiveness of outreach efforts.
  6. Encourage the utilization of Interview Exchange.
  7. Ensure hiring manager\search committee compliance with required AA data when Interview Exchange is not utilized.
  • Automate self identification process
  • Automate applicant flow information
  • Research additional sources for increasing diversity in the candidate process.

  1. Colleges and Universities
  • Historically black colleges and universities
  • Colleges and universities with a high percentage of women, Hispanics, and Asians
  • LGBT-friendly colleges and universities
  • Colleges and universities with disability-related programs
  • Compliance with Non-discrimination Requirement

  1. PhD and PhD candidate directories—minority, women, LGBT, and individuals with disabilities
  2. Professional directories—minority, women, LGBT, and individuals with disabilities
  • Women, Minority, LGBT, and Individuals with Disabilities-Oriented

  1. Publications, national business, and trade journals
  2. Cultural and ethnic magazines and periodicals
  3. National associations/organization publications
  • Websites

  1. Diversity-based
  2. Review and revise the university's discrimination, sexual, and other forms of unlawful harassment policies and procedures.
  3. Include the discrimination, sexual, and other forms of unlawful harassment policies throughout the university.

[1] The Diversity Strategic Plan is a working document with target goals that will be updated and revised as appropriate throughout the academic year.

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