Office for Faculty Development

Managing Faculty Relationships

As department chair, it is important that you understand the dreams and apprehensions of each member of your faculty (tenure track, tenured, and non tenure track). You should inform yourself of the particular challenges faced by faculty of color and international faculty and be sensitive to the challenges faced by all faculty in balancing professional and family responsibilities. The Office for Faculty Development can help direct you to appropriate resources.

You won’t, of course, be able to fulfill all of these dreams or address all the apprehensions of your faculty members, but your awareness of them will enable you to advocate effectively for the department with your dean, help chart a meaningful trajectory for curriculum development and faculty hires, understand the day-to-day complexities of teaching, and respond effectively and constructively to students in the major.

As department chair you have particular responsibilities in taking your faculty through the process of major personnel reviews. These tasks are described in Article VI (6.4) of the Red Book.