Office for Faculty Development

Retired Faculty

Retired faculty play an important role at UMass Boston. The Retired Faculty Leadership Council meets each semester. For more information, please contact: or 617.287.5609.

Retired Faculty Leadership Council

Honorary Chair
Ruth Butler Professor Emerita of Art

Pamela Annas English
Elsa Auerbach Professor Emerita of English
Joan P. Garity Nursing
Michael P. Greeley Mathematics
MaryAnna D. Ham Professor Emerita of School and Counseling Psychology
Herman W. Hemingway Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice  
John F. Looney Professor Emeritus of Environmental Earth and Ocean Sciences
John A. Lutts Mathematics
Peter J. McClure Professor Emeritus of Management & Marketing
Dirk Messelaar College of Advancing and Professional Studies
Martin H. Quitt Professor Emeritus of History 
Malisa Roberts Continuing Education  
Mark A. Schlesinger American Studies
Steve Schwartz Psychology
Louise Z. Smith Professor Emerita of English

Annual Retired Faculty Luncheon

Every year the Office of the Provost, OFD and University Advancement welcome the retired faculty to campus for a luncheon. The 2016 Annual Retired Faculty Luncheon will be held on Friday, October 7.

Retired Faculty Newsletter

Each semester the Office of the Provost publishes the Retired Faculty Newsletter.

  Fall 2015
  Fall 2014
Spring 2013 Fall 2013
Spring 2012 Fall 2012
Spring 2011 Fall 2011
Spring 2010 Fall 2010

Faculty Lounge

The faculty lounge in Healey Library (4th floor, next to reference librarians' offices) is open to faculty from Monday - Friday, 9 - 4:30. The faculty lounge is a comfortable and quiet space to meet with colleagues or to work. Two computers are available for your use. For more information, call 617.287.6074