Office for Faculty Development

Center for Innovative Teaching

The Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT) is a faculty-governed organization committed to sustained and collaborative work with faculty, staff and students. Our goal is to promote high quality, inclusive education for an increasingly diverse student body. The hallmark and strength of CIT is an active network of faculty, staff and students who regularly engage in critical reflection and dialogues which focus on such issues as inclusive teaching and learning, academic excellence and curriculum transformation. CIT's ongoing work includes faculty development seminars, public forums, student-faculty dialogues and conferences, faculty peer mentoring, and the promotion of scholarship on diversity, learning and teaching.

Annual University Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Technology

IT/Ed Tech, OFD, CIT, Healey Library  and CAPS collaborate in hosting the annual  University Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals to present at the conference. More details on past conferences can be found here.