Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning


Below are “Fact-of-the-Day” briefings that have been presented at various Executive Staff meetings. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Spring 2011_Admissions and Enrollment 

Fall 2010_International Students 

Fall 2010_UMass Boston Employees 


Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement, 10/10 

Fall 2010 Enrollments, 10/10 

Student Enrollment by Credits by Credits Taken, 02/10 

Undergraduate Graduation Rates: Recent Research at UMass Boston, 01/10 

Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment, Fall 2005-Fall 2009, 11/09 

Fall 2009: Basic Student Data, 10/09 

New Full-Time Freshmen Retention Rates, 05/09 

Five Years of Enrollment Growth, Fall 2004 - Fall 2008, 04/09 

Business Intelligence Executive Dashboard - What would be useful to you?, 04/09 

Who Are Our Online Students?, 12/08 

Annualized Enrollment_FY04-FY08, 09/08 

Class Size Changes, 06/08 

Rentention and Graduation, 04/08 

Where Our Students Live, 03/08 

Student, Faculty, Staff Distribution by College, 02/08 

Who Are Our Students?: Age, 02/08