Books by OLLI Members

Books by OLLI members include:

Traveling in a Dream book written by OLLI member Kim Lan Tran Traveling in a Dream & Other Stories
by Kim Lan Tran 
Traveling in a Dream is a collection of short stories, which mainly addresses the consequences of war and the ongoing struggle of the Vietnamese immigrants in assimilating to their host country. Commenting on her writing, the late Professor Alfred Cater Jefferson, an OLLI Writing Instructor at UMass Boston, noted: "Delighted, humorous, clever, and well written."
Traveling in a Dream        

Cover of the Book by Kate Flaherty More Alike Than Different More Alike Than Different: A Peace Corps Memoir of Malaysian Borneo, 1967-1969 
by Kate Griffin Flaherty 
Travel back to a time before television, cars, computers, and cell phones. Meet the diverse peoples of Sarawak, East Malaysia: the hardworking, generous Chinese; the mellow Muslim farmers and fishermen; the hilarious, hospitable former headhunting Ibans-all of whom shared their lives and laughter with a kid from Dorchester.   
More Alike Than Different                                                                                                                                                                                                

The Sixty-Fourth Day by OLLI Member Rowena Winik The Sixty-Fourth Day
by Rowena Winik
Robyn, just sixteen years old, realizes she’s a lesbian when she meets and falls in love with a woman twice her age. Robyn tells her parents, triggering a series of heart-breaking events that ends up with her living on the streets. She turns to her few close lesbian friends and quickly learns she can trust no one - she is on her own. For twenty-two months, Robyn calls on all she has to survive the harsh streets. She’s found the life she'd hoped for but she’s growing up and wants more.
The Sixty-Fourth Day

Stephen A. Douglas and Antebellum Democracy by OLLI Member Martin Quitt Stephen A. Douglas and Antebellum Democracy
by Martin Quitt
This thematic biography demonstrates how Stephen Douglas’s path from a conflicted youth in Vermont to dim prospects in New York to overnight stardom in Illinois led to his identification with the Democratic Party and his belief that the federal government should respect the diversity of states and territories. His relationships with his mother, sister, teachers, brothers-in-law, other men, and two wives are explored in depth. When he conducted the first cross-country campaign by a presidential candidate in American history, few among the hundreds of thousands that saw him in 1860 knew that his wife and he had just lost their infant daughter or that Douglas controlled a large Mississippi slave plantation. His story illuminates the gap between democracy then and today. The book draws on a variety of previously unexamined sources.
Stephen A. Douglas and Antebellum Democracy

Cocktails: A Global History by OLLI Member Joe Carlin Cocktails: A Global History
by Joe Carlin
Cocktails are the most American of alcoholic beverages and at the same time the most international of drinks. From Singapore to New York, Rio to Bangkok, this OLLI facilitator describes how cocktails have influenced society around the world, and explores the new generation of cocktails currently being fashioned by mixologists.  This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys a cocktail or is interested in how some of our most popular drinks were invented and traveled around the globe. Cocktails: A Global History

Z is For Zamboni (Inspiration for Creative Writing) by OLLI Member Sharon FitzGerald Carey Z is For Zamboni (Inspiration for Creative Writing)
by Sharon FitzGerald Carey
This book is designed to inspire adults, kids, and students of all ages to explore the limitless possibilities of creative writing. There are 52 lessons in all—one for every week of the year—to help get you started.
Z is For Zamboni

In Safe Hands: True Stories about the Men and Women of United States Customs and Border Protection by OLLI Member Michael Cunningham In Safe Hands: True Stories about the Men and Women of United States Customs and Border Protection
by Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham's book explains what is involved in guarding our nation's borders, and protecting its financial interests.
In Safe Hands

Mother-Talk: Conversations with Mothers of Lesbian Daughters and FTM Transgender Children by OLLI Member Sarah Pearlman Mother-Talk: Conversations with Mothers of Lesbian Daughters and FTM Transgender Children
by Sarah Pearlman (published by Demeter Press)
A collection of stories of twenty-four mothers: twelve who found out a daughter was a lesbian and twelve who learned that a child intended to transition to male—capturing what it is like to be the mother of a lesbian daughter or a child, born a biological female, who is planning to transition to male.

Journey from San Rocco by OLLI Member Rosalind A. Cuschera Journey from San Rocco
Honorable Mention – New England Book Festival
by Rosalind A. Cuschera
In post-WWI Italy, a widow with four children is given the opportunity to travel to America to marry a wealthy widower. This may be her only chance for prosperity and happiness, but is she willing to accept his terms that she is to bring only one child for now to America? Based on the author's family history, from 1918 to 2006, the dynamics of a family, separated and rejoined as they search for the American dream, are explored. The three children left behind lived in orphanages or with relatives. They weren't reunited for almost seventeen years.
Journey from San Rocco

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