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Fall 2013

  • Writing Your Own Story: Roots, Research, Quirks

    Day: 6 Fridays
    Time: 10-11:30 a.m.
    Dates: 9/20-10/25
    Location: UMass Boston, McCormack Bldg., 3rd FL., Room 201
    Facilitator: Mariya Deykute
    Description: Memoir has had a long and varied tradition as a literary genre, and it is certainly one of the most read genres today. Each one of us is equipped to start writing a memoir: we know good stories from the time we were little, and we feel the importance of sharing one's own story. In this course we will not only talk about the basic tools of writing memoir and offer needed feedback and workshop individual writing, but will consider the bigger questions: what outside forces, bigger forces create our story, shape our ancestry, give our unique family myths power? Where do we come from? This class focuses on writing original memoir—do not worry, you do not need to have experience with writing memoir before this course, just bring your willingness to write, explore and ask questions.

  • The Writing of Serious, Artful Poems

    Day: 6 Wednesdays
    Time: 10-11:30 a.m.
    Dates: 9/25-10/30
    Location: UMass Boston, McCormack Bldg., 3rd FL., Room 204A
    Facilitator: Ted Richer
    Description: This class will focus on the craft and the art of writing poetry --voice, versification metaphor, structure, fixed and/or free forms, etc.--all the techniques of poetry as well as ideas concerning the writing of private and/or public poems. Also, a close study of technique and subject matter in selected classical and contemporary poems will be discussed. At each and every class meeting there will be an individual discussion of participants' work.

  • Who Am I? Creating Personas in Your Poetry

    Day: 5 Wednesdays
    Time: 10-11:30 a.m.
    Dates: 10/30-12/4 (no class on 11/27)
    Location: UMass Boston, McCormack Bldg., 3rd FL., Room 415
    Facilitator: Alyssa Mazzarella
    Description: Through each poem, a unique speaker reveals a thought, feeling, or story to the reader. In this course, we will look at poems with an array of voices and study the ways in which they speak to us. We will use these examples as models to write our own persona poems. We will write poems in the voices of historical figures, celebrities, friends, childhood objects, and other personas that we create. Each week we will workshop the poems that you write. This course will serve as a safe and supportive space for you to try out new voices in your poems.