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Dr. Christopher Harding taught undergraduate English here at UMass Boston for 10 years. For over a decade, he also taught "Shakespeare Comes to the Slammer" at the Suffolk County House of Correction. Harding's Harvard doctoral thesis traced the influence of Shakespeare's drama on the novels of Sir Walter Scott. This is his 10th OLLI course on Shakespeare.  For OLLI he also facilitates the ongoing “History of Mystery” series and gives occasional Brownbag presentations about religious art.

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Shakespeare’s Othello and


Christopher Harding has facilitated this "History of Mystery" series for the past seven semesters at OLLI, and since 2006, Harding, who has a PhD in English literature from Harvard University, has facilitated OLLI courses on Shakespeare. He has also given brownbag presentations on topics ranging from the History of Crosswords to parallels between Old and New Testament figures. Dr. Harding taught English at UMass Boston for 10 years. Besides being a big Wilkie Collins and Golden Age fan, he has acquired a taste for world language mystery authors.

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History of Mystery 8: The Private Investigator


Dr. Christopher Harding who earned a PhD in English literature from Harvard University, has been facilitating OLLI courses on Shakespeare and Mystery Novel Appreciation since 2006. He has given presentations on crossword puzzles and the connections between the Old and New Testaments. His most recent Brownbag talk was “Holy Misrepresentation!: Religious Art Contradicted by the Bible and History.”

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Christmas Traditions Unwrapped (Video Conference Presentation)