iPads in the Classroom

iPads for Teaching and Learning

iPad in the Classroom Program

One of the many services we (Healey Library & Information Technology/Ed Tech) offer is the iPad in the Classroom service.  A service that was initially rolled out in 2014 and successfully used by many faculty in their courses as a way to engage students to enhance Teaching & Learning.  

The university has multiple iPad carts – one in each academic building - Library – 4th floor, McCormack, Wheatley and University Hall – each equipped with 25 iPads.  Each of the iPads can run a suite of apps to support information literacy, research and academic work.  We have invested in apps for a wide variety of disciplines such as English Writing, Music, Physics, Biology, etc., & the Library uses the iPads extensively to promote Information Literacy and Research Activities.  New apps can be purchased by the University at no cost to you or your students.

Our staff, including instructional designers, technology specialists, and librarians, are on hand to meet with you to discuss integrating the iPads into your curriculum.  Please email eLearning@umb.edu to schedule a consultation to see how the iPad can be integrated into your course.

If you wish to reserve an iPad cart, please visit: http://bookit.umb.edu/carts