Tag: Asian Studies

  1. Asian Studies End of Year Celebration
    Celebrate the end of the semester with Asian Studies and taiko group The Genki Spark
  2. Study Abroad Open House for China Today: Culture, History, & Society
    Travel and experience China this summer while earning credits toward your degree.
  3. Rape and the Body Gap: Narratives of Dissent in Bawandar and India’s Daughter
    Women's and Gender Studies, in collaboration with Asian Studies present
  4. Avatars of Bionationalism: Science, Religion, and the Quest for a Modern India
    Join WGS, Asian Studies, and Dr. Banu Subramaniam for...
  5. Study Abroad Open House for China Programs
    Learn more about the programs and meet the program directors, Weili Ye and Raymond Liu.
  6. JFC Talk: “Mosques: Sites of Change in Colonial South Asia, 1800-1870”
    Sana Haroon will discuss mosques as sites of change in colonial South Asia
  7. The X Annual Social Theory Forum
    Critical Theory and the Politics of Visual Representation
  8. Asian Studies Guest Lecture: Guru Bawa and the Making of a Transnational Sufi Family
    Come listen to Frank J. Korom lecture on Guru Bawa.