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  1. Big Papi’s Advice to Class of 2021: ‘To Get Something, You Got to Give Something’
    Former Red Sox slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz spoke about the importance of education at UMass Boston’s annual Freshman Investiture Ceremony, congratulating the Class of 2021 on beginning their college careers and encouraging them to continue working hard.
  2. Chancellor Barry Mills Delivers First Convocation Address at UMass Boston
    Officially launching the new academic year with an annual convocation address, Interim Chancellor Barry Mills today said the University of Massachusetts Boston, recognized as one of the most diverse campuses in the nation, will champion unity over division and serve as “the Beacon by the bay.”
  3. Board of Trustees Officially Appoints Barry Mills Interim Chancellor of UMass Boston
    The UMass Board of Trustees today officially appointed Barry Mills interim chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Boston, with board Chairman Robert J. Manning describing Mills as “a person of great skill and knowledge and integrity.”
  4. Barry Mills Appointed Deputy Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer at UMass Boston
    Barry Mills, known for his successful tenure as president of Bowdoin College, today was named deputy chancellor and chief operating officer of the University of Massachusetts Boston.