Tag: Chemistry

  1. Chemistry Chair Uses Science to Create Art for Local Artist, New York City Gallery Exhibition
    You can see the work Chair and Professor of Chemistry Robert Carter did for local artist Todd Pavlisko now through May 30 in New York City.
  2. UMass Boston Chemistry Professor’s Team Receives $6.25 Million from Department Of Defense
    UMass Boston Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jason Green is among the researchers who have received awards from DOD-MURI.
  3. Dissertation Defense: John P. Collins, PhD Candidate, Physical/Analytical Track, Chemistry
    Tuning Carbon Microstructure for Advancing Electrochemical Energy Storage
  4. Oral Qualifying Exam: Katherine Flanders, PhD Candidate, Green Chemistry Track, Chemistry Department
    Biogeochemical insight into the cause(s) of the end Permian extinction: A proposed biomarker reconstruction of the Neo-Tethys ocean
  5. Thesis Defense: Sanjukta Ghosh, Master’s Student, Chemistry Department
    Investigation of Amyloidogenic Systems by the Application of Small Molecular Probes
  6. Chemistry Seminar - Prof. Jun R. Huh, University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Tuning inflammation via modulation of nuclear hormone receptor activity
  7. Chemistry Professor Wins Prestigious Fellowship
    Marietta Schwartz, associate dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, will join the Executive Leadership In Academic Technology and Engineering (ELATE) program this fall. The part-time fellowship allows female senior faculty members in STEM to learn skills they need to advance their careers.
  8. Annual Chemistry Undergraduate Research Showcase and Departmental Awards Ceremony
    Chemistry Department
  9. Chemistry Seminar - Prof. Jean-Francis Bloch, Grenoble Institute of Technology
    Paper as multiscale biobased material: From microstucture design to architectured materials
  10. Chemistry Seminar - Dr. David Grills, Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Transient Spectroscopic Investigations of Intermediates Involved in Photocatalytic and Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
  11. Chemistry Seminar - Prof. Ilka Parchmannn, Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics Education
    Identifying and understanding structure-property-relations: Theoretical considerations and empirical studies
  12. Chemistry Seminar - Dr. Michal Zion, The School of Education, Bar Ilan University, Israel
    The Effect of Individual and Social Environmental Metacognitive Instruction on Students’ Expressions of Environmental Literacy
  13. Chemistry Seminar - Dr. Rafael E. Luna, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
    The Art of Scientific Storytelling: Write Your Research Manuscript Using a Step-By-Step Formula
  14. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Andrew Truman, Postdoctoral Scholar, Kron Lab, University of Chicago
    Dealing with Difficult Clients: Modulating Hsp70 Function As a Novel Anti-Cancer Strategy
  15. Faculty Candidate Seminar: John Hardin, Investigator, Medical Research Council, Cambridge, UK
    Faculty Candidate Seminar
  16. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Richard Baran, Project Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Faculty Candidate Seminar
  17. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Monika Raj, Postdoctoral Fellow, Arora Laboratory, New York University
    Aldehyde Capture Ligation: A Chemoselective Approach to Peptides and Bioconjugates
  18. Faculty Candidate Seminar: Daniel Dowling, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Drennan Lab, HHMI/MIT
    Queued Up for Catalysis: Structural Studies of SAM Radical Enzyme QueE Involved in Deazapurine Biosynthesis
  19. Love Potion #9: The Chemistry of Scent & Fragrance
    Lure a loved one with chemistry this February
  20. Dissertation Defense: Asharani Kadam, PhD Candidate, Green Chemistry Track, Chemistry Department
    Green Techniques to Improve Grignard Reactions and Synthesize Heterocyclic Molecules
  21. Freshmen Chemistry Majors Bring Science to Life for Dorchester 8th Graders
    Students in UMass Boston's Freshman Success Communities acted out plays to teach chemistry principles to students at the Dever-McCormack K-8 School as part of a yearlong collaboration.
  22. Thesis Defense: Quan Li, Chemistry Department
    A hybrid supercapacitor based on chemically modified manganese dioxide and active carbon in alkaline electrolyte
  23. UMass Boston Minute: Chemistry at UMass Boston
    Students win award for green chemistry activities.
  24. Chemistry Colloquium: Prof. Gonghu Li, University of New Hampshire
    Combining Molecular Catalysts and Nanostructured Surfaces for Solar CO2 Reduction
  25. Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Chulsung Bae, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Superacidic Sulfonated Aromatic Polymers for High Performance Fuel Cell Membranes
  26. Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Qianli Chu, University of North Dakota
    Synthesis of Ladder and Two-dimensional Polymers via a Bioinspired Approach
  27. Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Samuel Thomas, Tufts University
    Controlling Polymeric Thin Films with Light
  28. Dissertation Defense: Lan Yang, Chemistry Department
    Topic: Quantitative mass spectrometry analysis for pharmaceutical applications
  29. Chemistry Colloquium: Prof. Mary Jane Shultz, Tufts University
    Molecular Dance: Water's collective modes (Or drum vibrations and duets)
  30. Chemistry Colloquium: Prof. Emeritus Jerry A. Bell, Simmons College, ACS Education Division, WISL
    A Conversation on Climate Science
  31. Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Lijun Sun, Center for Drug Discovery and Translational Research, BIDMC
    Imagination is the limit: A chemist’s journey in drug development
  32. Oral Qualifying Exam: Asharani Kadam, Chemistry Department
    Synthesis of Novel Small Molecules as Potential Inhibitors for Cancer Targets
  33. Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Xiao Wang, Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center, HMS and BWH
    Advances in the Enantioselective Hydroformylation of 1,1-Disubstituted Alkenes
  34. Dissertation Defense: Alex Eisen-Cuadra, Chemistry Department
  35. Thesis Defense: Helen Zhao, Chemistry Department
    An Investigation of 8-Oxyquinolate Non-Innocence in d^6 Transition Metal Complexes
  36. UMass Boston Breaks Ground on $113 Million General Academic Building No. 1
    University’s Second New Academic Building Expected to Open in 2015