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  1. CIT Brown Bag: Teaching and Mentoring Graduate Students: An Interactive Discussion
    Join the conversation on how to respond to the needs and opportunities of UMass Boston graduate students.
  2. CIT Forum: Synchronous Online Teaching: Enhancing Learning While Boosting Enrollment
    Learn about synchronous online teaching here.
  3. CIT Forum: Structure, Expectations, and Assessment: Impact on Student Retention and Resilience
    Join the conversation with faculty about course expectations and considerations for students.
  4. CIT Forum: Whole-Student Well-Being about Wellness at UMass Boston Inside and Outside the Classroom
    Join the faculty and staff have a conversation about how identities and experiences shape programs and spaces within UMass Boston.
  5. CIT Forum: Is a Teaching Soul “Cost-Effective?”
    Join the Center for Innovative Teaching for a discussion that will focus on the joys of teaching/learning at UMass Boston.
  6. 2016 10th Annual University Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Technology (UCTLT)
    Registration for the 2016 Conference is now open -
  7. CIT Forum: Teaching and Learning about Structural Racism: Part 2
    Join the Center for Innovative Teaching for the second installment of learning about structural racism.
  8. CIT Forum: Graduate Students as Teachers: Exploring the Promises and Challenges
    In this CIT event faculty explore the promises and challenges of Graduate Students as Teachers. Join Us!
  9. Research Computing User’s Group Meeting
    Join us to discus support for R and other open source software.
  10. CIT Forum: Invisible Disabilities: LD, ADHD, Autism, TBI and Others
    Join the Director of the Ross Center and faculty panel for this discussion.
  11. CIT/Ed Tech Forum: Teaching with Blackboard Learn’s New Features
    Join the Director of Ed Tech and a faculty panel as they discuss and demonstrate how to use the new Blackboard features in your classroom.
  12. CIT Forum: Teaching Diversity Today: Faculty Engagement on Teaching Diversity Requirement Courses
    Join us as we resume a discussion on diversity requirement courses -- now a 20-year old undergraduate curricular requirement.
  13. CIT Forum: Teaching Globally
    Join us for a forum discussing pedagogical insights that can be learned from teaching outside one's 'home' country!
  14. Flipping Your Classroom: Using Technology To Gain More Time For Learning-Based Activities
    Join two faculty members to see how they have turned their courses on their head.
  15. 2012 CIT, Library & Educational Technology Conference: “Transforming Teaching and Learning”
    Whether you’ve been working with a variety of approaches to enhance student learning, integrating specific technologies into your teaching, or trying out new ways of assessing work, this is for you.
  16. Book Release Celebration for Transforming Classroom Culture
    Join OFD and CIT to celebrate the release of Transforming Classroom Culture