Tag: Climate

  1. Addressing Climate Change: A Global Governance Approach
    A climate change negotatior from Bangladesh, Professor Mizan Khan, will speak to students about climate change.
  2. Group of Policymakers, Scientists, Thought Leaders Converge to Discuss Effects of Climate Change
    GC '12 will focus on three specific themes examining the overall problem of climate change from different perspectives with a unified goal of understanding how to mitigate the effects that we can control and adapt to those that we cannot.
  3. The First Global Conference on Oceans, Climate and Security (GC’12)
    The University of Massachusetts Boston will host this three-day global conference May 21-23, 2012.
  4. Battelle and Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate, and Security Announce Conference
    Battelle and the Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate, and Security will host the Global Conference on Oceans, Climate, and Security in May 2012.