Tag: Colloquium

  1. Chemistry Colloquium: Prof. Gonghu Li, University of New Hampshire
    Combining Molecular Catalysts and Nanostructured Surfaces for Solar CO2 Reduction
  2. Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Chulsung Bae, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Superacidic Sulfonated Aromatic Polymers for High Performance Fuel Cell Membranes
  3. Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Qianli Chu, University of North Dakota
    Synthesis of Ladder and Two-dimensional Polymers via a Bioinspired Approach
  4. Chemistry Colloquium: Professor Samuel Thomas, Tufts University
    Controlling Polymeric Thin Films with Light
  5. English Department Colloquium
    Discussion with Assistant Professor of English Salomé Skvirsky: The Aesthetic of Labor in Linduarte Noronha's Aruanda