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Tag: Communication

  1. Master Class: Stay Calm and Communicate On
    In this master class, learn innovative secrets to successfully communicate in the most challenging circumstances. Facilitated by Rachel Rice, MBA, Five Rhythms Consulting.
  2. Master Class: The Art of Listening
    In this master class, you will learn to use the skill sets of improvisation to become a better and more active listener. Facilitated by Norm Laviolette and Chet Harding, Improv Asylum.
  3. Master Class: Inclusive Leadership
    In this master class, you will examine the barriers and challenges to effective communication across cultures, genders, and styles. Facilitated by Su Joun, MBA, Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group.
  4. Master Class: Conduct Difficult Conversations with Ease and Confidence
    In this master class, learn to increase your ability and willingness to have tough conversations on important issues affecting your organization, all while improving your working relationships.
  5. Wellness Workshop: Communicating Effectively
    Wondering how to have a hard conversation with a supervisor, colleague, or professor? Learn strategies to have approach them successfully in this workshop! Snacks provided.
  6. Communication Department at ICA Conference
    UMass Boston's Communication Department attends the International Communication Association conference in Puerto Rico.
  7. UMass Boston Minute: Babies and Communication
    Ed Tronick investigates how babies and parents interact.
  8. Please Welcome Jessie Quintero Johnson to Communication Studies
    Jessie Quintero Johnson will be joining the Communication Studies Program as a tenure track assistant professor this fall.