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  1. McCormack Staff Member Speaks to the Nigerian Government to Pass a Bill Targeting Hate Speech
    Mariam Marwa-Abdu urged members of the House Committee on National Security and Intelligence to support religious tolerance.
  2. Nigerian Presidential Election Observer Darren Kew Comments on Historic Outcome
    Darren Kew, executive director of UMass Boston’s Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development, was in Nigeria serving as an observer for the Nigerian presidential election.
  3. UMass Boston’s Darren Kew in Nigeria as Presidential Election Observer
    Darren Kew, executive director of the Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development, is in Nigeria this week to monitor the March 28 presidential election.
  4. Retired Nigerian General Advises CPDD on Conflicts in His Homeland
    Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau, PhD, a retired general who as chief of army staff (2008-10) led the Nigerian army, works with faculty and graduate students at McCormack Graduate School’s Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development (CPDD) in his role as a visiting senior fellow.
  5. UN Leaving Liberia: What’s Next?
    Michael Keating discusses the continued presence of UN troops and increased presence of international police in addition to outlining actions Liberia could take to assist the United Nations military mission in Liberia (UNMIL) leave successfully.
  6. Blogging for Change: UMass Boston PaxBlog Advances Peace, Democracy, and Development
    McCormack Grad School students and faculty publish top-of-mind ideas and insights through PaxBlog.